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Good Health Starts with the Immune System- Glutathione is key

That’s right, good health starts with the immune system.  Nothing you do or take for health will work right if your immune system is not at full potential.  Directly treat your immune system the same way mother’s infant breast milk does.  Mothers milk is major in protecting the infant from bad organisms.

Your immune system is vital to life, without it disease would take over you.  Your immune system protects you from all the infection the world has to offer.  When an invader enters your body, your immune system fights till it wins.  If it loses simply put, you get sick, more sick and die.  In today’s day and age with what we all hear about virus and health we all need to take the immune system very seriously.  After you learn about just how important to health this is by going to my report website you should take this important health information very seriously.

Glutathione (GSH) is considered by health professionals to be most important immune system component.  It is considered to be a cell’s most important protector.  GSH is also considered as the master antioxidant.  All other antioxidants need GSH to function.   GSH is found in every cell of your body.  It is vital to life.  Without GSH in the body we die, infection would just take over us, just like a bad apple when left alone.

GSH is the main gear that cranks (protects) all cells, including immune system cells from invaders.  What is important is GSH treats the immune system directly.  GSH detoxifies all toxins in your body.  It is considered to be the master antioxidant because your body produces  it through nutrients it receives.  We all need to truly be interested in nutrition if we want good health, especially this kind.

Please watch the video below and get an understanding about this. This is a quickie lesson.  If you want all the details  go to  and get the report.  Mother nature does not lie.  Science does not lie.  Either you are going to get it or you are not.

To order/contact me please visit

The reason you never heard about this before is it has been difficult to raise the GSH level in your body.  There are drugs that raise the GSH level but only for the short term.  There are also side effects to deal with.  You also need supervision from a health professional and also you just can’t keep taking these drugs.  That’s why there isn’t much out on the market today about glutathione and the  immune system, even though they are both very important.

Yes you hear about immune system products from time to time but nothing and I say again nothing is effective as This.  If you read my report you will come to see this is all accepted by the medical community with heavy governing medical credentials to prove it. The kind pharmaceutical drugs get!  Not An Easy Thing To Do For A Natural Product so please do yourself a favor and learn about this for good health and wealth.

Go to get the free report right now and you will understand the gravity of what I’m explaining to you.

Research, search the web and learn as much as you want about this, if you must, but please don’t forget where you first heard about all this.  I hate it when people research so much they forget where they first learned about the master antioxidant and the immune system.  If you take a look at my information I promise I will save you a whole bunch of time researching.  Oh and it will be all easier to understand too.  Please allow me to prove a all this to you.

If you want to be and independent  seller/consultant or have any questions just contact me.  Thank you kindly and always wishing you good health and success T.

Wow A Blog Post!

Wow a blog post!  It’s been a while.  What have I been doing?  Work, work, working in the real world with no time for the computer world.  I now have more time because we at the restaurant are closed for lunch now.  No more double shifts, dinner only.  You know what that means?  I can finally have some time for an online life.  So hello everyone!

I’ve always worked my MLM business offline.  I want so bad to work it online.  Yes that’s right MLM.  If there is anyone out there who thinks its a bunch of crap please go to  read and learn something that can change your life, no BS.  Then tell me what you think because I think compared to traditional business MLM is great.  I mean you can make money while you are doing nothing however you must earn your way to this point.  Without getting into it.  I believe if you are informed about the concept MLM you will find that it’s a great way to do business.  Please get informed before you pass judgement.  It is a subject that is so misconceived.

I’ve got to let everyone know what happened to me on Sunday only because just like anything else you’ve got to take the good with the bad.  I hope you can get something out of my happenings.  I always love to know what you think or if you get something out of what I’m saying, it makes my day.

I Got the domain name, and was trying to get into my web-mail through cpannel and just couldn’t get in for the life of me.  I had the correct user name and password but then after I put in the info another different box would open up and ask me for user name and password again.  Confusing because you have your cpanel user name and password and then you have your email username and password.  I did not know which one it wanted? As time (LONG TIME) went by I kept trying different combinations of the user name and passwords to no avail.

I mean all day went by because here I am scratching my head going what the hell is going on?  I always never have a problem with user names and passwords because I’m very organized when it comes to that so I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I was unable to get in?

Got to tell you my hosting company is the best.  They have bailed me out of being stuck numerous amount of times through the years.  I don’t think other hosting companies would take the interest to help you out the way my hosting company does.  Who are they you ask?  They are D9hosting.  I remember when I was a newbie, they even helped me with something that wasn’t even related to hosting.

The reason why they are so good is because they are internet marketers themselves.  They know, they understand, unlike other hosting companies out there.  So if you want an easy to understand hosting company and great help D9 is the way to go.  Click D9hosting  for the best hosting company around.

Getting back to the password problem I was having.  I didn’t know what to do.  After spending almost all day not being able to log into my website email I went back and looked at the Learn with Sally tutorials to see if I was missing something.  Learn with Sally tutorials are easy to understand to learn detailed internet marketing.  Also this is another way to get your internet marketing problems solved too.  There are a whole bunch of students that I’m friends with because of this course.  We all help each other out if we need it.  It’s fantastic, they are fantastic.  If you want in on what we students learned and get to meet everyone you can get the course material here at Learn with Sally .

After going over the setting up domain name tutorial I found out I was doing everything right.  Getting back online from being gone for a while and dealing with this was DRIVING ME NUTS!!! So I went to D9 hosting’s help desk and submitted a ticket.

On Monday morning I opened the D9’s help desk email and solved my problem in Minutes!!!  IT TOOK ME MINUTES WHEN IT TOOK A HALF DAY OF MIME THE DAY BEFORE!!! Sorry for all all the yelling but you’d be going nuts too.  One of the options D9 told me was the to reset the password.  You know when you reset the password you need to know to old password so I didn’t even go there because of all the user name and password problems I was having.  Well following D9’d instructions  you didn’t have to know your old password.  So I reset the password and Guess What!!!!! MINUTES, IT TOOK MINUTES TO SOLVE MY PROBLEM!!!!

Okay I’m Calming down now.  :) I’m getting very happy I solved my problem.  It feels great getting into my domain name’s email after all that crap I was going through. (computer glitch????????)  So have any of you guys had any similar experiences?  All in all really can’t get upset because life is not perfect.  In your quest to reach the top you will have crazy crap happen to you, more than once, for sure.  What crazy crap happened to you?  What do you think of all this?

It feels good to write this post.  Great way to vent you know.  Always wishing everyone the best.

Terry Conti


How to Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

Hello to all!!

Do you keep your computer running smoothly?   Just like you must change the oil on the car there are certain things that one must do at least every month to make their computer run smoothly.

There are a lot of people out there that don’t have a clue about making their computer run smoothly.  That’s why you see all the marketing out there about making your computer run faster and that’s why I wrote this post.

Is your computer slow?  Go to XXX dot com to get a free analysis.  You get your fee analysis and you find out there is a ton of stuff you need to do to make your computer faster so you pay for the service to fix everything for you.

If  you do it yourself or pay one way or another, you have to do your computer maintenance or else your computer will eventually get slower and slower and crash!  Many times I’ve heard about people complaining about their computer getting slower and slower.  They get a friend over who knows about computers to help fix their computer.

What does the computer geek or friend do before he or she touches anything?  He or she asks when was the last time you did your computer maintenance? Did you clear the cache, defragment, deleted cookies, etc?  You look at him or her like a deer caught in the head lights.  You have absolutely no idea what he or she is talking about.

It can be frustrating for someone who knows computers when you answer “I don’t know”.   It’s like asking a car owner when was the last time he or she changed the oil.  If the answer is “I don’t know” You should know for sure that car isn’t going to last very long at all.

Unlike in the past there are computer programs and windows versions today that will do all the maintenance for you automatically however you can take some time out to do things yourself as well if you don’t have the capability to automate it all.

It’s not as bad as you might think.  If something takes a long time like a virus scan for example you can start the scan before you go to sleep and let it run overnight.  When you awake if all is well, your scan will be done.  I do a total virus scan once a month and so should you.  I’d also like to let you know about this free software on the Internet that will let you keep you computer running smoothly.  It’s called CCleaner.  It-

  • Cleans up temporary Internet files
  • History
  • Cookies
  • Recently typed URL’s
  • Empties the recycle bin
  • Empties old prefetch data
  • Empties the cache
  • Plus so much more

CCleaner also has a registry cleaner.  I would recommend backing up your registry before using the cleaner.  If you follow the prompts, the program will ask you if you want to back up your registry.  It’s easy to do.  The program will create a folder for you.

Be very careful what you delete.  If you don’t know what it is leave it alone.  I delete files that where created from uninstalling programs, you can’t go wrong with those.  Speaking for myself, that’s all the program finds on my computer.

CCleaner is a great program to have to keep your computer running smoothly.  It saves you so much time, instead of doing each individual thing separately yourself.

What do you do to keep you computer running smoothly?  Leave your comment below.  We can all learn a thing or two.  Also comment on what  you think of CCleaner.  We all would like to know.

Please share this post on all your social networks so others can find out how to keep their computer running smoothly.   As always I hope you got something you can use to make your life better from reading this post because  helping each other is what this blog is all about.  Until next time,

Terry Conti

Opportunity for More Time

Today there are boundless opportunities to get more out of your Internet marketing  business.

Years back when the Internet first started, an Internet marketing business meant knowing everything.  If you didn’t know how to you were lost. You really needed to know how to function in computer land.  You had to find the information you needed and take a whole bunch of time to learn how to.

It wasn’t easy and still isn’t easy to learn how to do certain things on the Internet in order for you to earn money online.  True as time has gone by some things have gotten a lot easier to do however today we don’t have to know it all.

The main thing is to know how Internet marketing works.  We don’t need to learn how to do graphics, make squeeze pages, sales pages, eBook covers, disks,  etc…  if we don’t want to anymore.

If you want to do most or all the work yourself that’s great but just let me point out from a business point of view that time is money or you might just simply want to have more free time.

Whatever the case outsourcing is time saving and lets a load off.  It just simply gives you more time to do what you want to do by letting you get what you need to do done and away with.

We don’t need to know everything.  The Internet has changed.  You don’t need to know or learn everything there is to know in computer land in order to function on the Internet today and earn some money.

You can now  outsource your work for the cheap and get good quality work done for ANYTHING you need!  The beauty is you can outsource all your work or whatever work you choose.

The ways of the old days on the Internet are gone, even if you are a computer wiz and know everything  the bottom line is that outsourcing saves time so you can do other things.

I’m not going to get in to the nitty griddy about outsourcing here.  Here is a link I’m going to give you to your doorway to everything outsourcing.  Guaranteed to enlighten!  We are talking a great smooth flowing enjoyable interview with Dawn Kay and the queen of outsourcing Kathy Dobson.

If you click on the link you will get a wealth of information about outsourcing!  You don’t need to go anywhere else and waste time!

You don’t have to get to know or do all the tech stuff anymore, others can do it for you.   As a result, today your work can flow so much easier.  Your work on the Internet can be channeled differently for better results than ever before.  Now we all have the opportunity to take all the tech weight off our backs.

The Internet has changed and is changing everything we do. There are still people out there not into computers because knowing some computer things can be confusing.

Yes, trying to figure it all out can take hours upon hours, days, weeks, months or even years of your time.  That’s why there are people who give up on starting or improving their business. That’s why there are people who give up on their dreams.

The time has come where you can get anything done you need to to start your own Internet marketing business or improve your existing business at an incredible low cost with or without that much computer knowledge.

Unlike the beginning days of the Internet it is now possible to have a successful Internet Marketing business with out knowing all the tech hoopla.  Now is the time to leave all the tech stuff to someone else so you can move onward to have your business succeed to the highest heights.

It’s come to the point where anything you need to do can be done for you so you can keep on finding creative ways for you to improve and expand your business.

The Internet has changed the landscape and will continue to change the landscape.  Notice newspapers getting smaller?  Notice the United States post office wanting to cut mail delivery to five days? Notice telephone books becoming obsolete?  Notice college courses offered online to get a degree? Notice you can now take a defensive driving course online to reduce your car insurance?  The list goes on and on.  Take a good look around you.

Get others to do all the tech work for you. The cost of getting all this done is not expensive.  This is the NOW of the ever changing and evolving Internet.

Terry Conti

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Affiliate Marketing

Hello, if you didn’t know affiliate marketing can be thought of in different ways.  The thing is, overall affiliate marketing is thought of in one way by too many.  I’m on a mission to change all that.   A basic simple definition is the selling of a product you didn’t create or having others sell a product that you created.  Companies and individuals can have affiliates.

When a sale is made by your affiliate you make money and he or she gets rewarded by a determined percentage of the sale.  From the creators point of view the selling power of the many is better than the selling power of one.  From the affiliate’s point of view, it’s really cool to earn from a product you didn’t create.  Affiliate marketing, what a great concept!  As Internet marketers I’m sure we would all agree this is one of the many great ways we have of doing business.

Without getting into all the ways of doing business in this wonderful world of Internet marketing there is a way of doing business that is so overlooked and frowned upon that it gets my “goat” when I think of how powerful this form of affiliate marketing is.  It really makes me angry to know it doesn’t even occur to us Internet marketers that this is Even A Form Of Affiliate Marketing!!!!!

As Internet marketers we all know it’s good business to create multiple streams of income.  Why is it then when people hear about this, especially us Internet marketers we run for the “hills” I want to know why so I/we all can get some insight on why this is.  Leave your comments below.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about another way of winning. I’m not talking about products or companies here, I’m talking about the concept.  Products, companies and your hard work have a lot to do with whether or not things will work out but lets focus on the concept.

Take the concept of affiliate marketing, you know you make a sale for the creator and get a percentage.  The more you sell the better.  That’s true but what if the people you sold to became affiliates same as you because of you?  What would you get if these people made sales too?  You would get zero, zilch, nada.   Doesn’t seem fair does it?

What if the people you sold to became affiliates and the people they sold to become affiliates and so on and so on…….  Imagine if you could get paid for all the sales made.  The more people you get under you to buy and  sell the product the more the “snow ball” gets bigger and bigger.  Simply put, teach people to do the same as you.

I want to tell you what this is but I’m afraid you might run for the “hills” like everybody else.  Again, why is that?  Compared to traditional ways of doing business where you make a sale and that is it, compared to the way we as Internet marketers think of affiliate marketing,  this concept is a very, very powerful tool to add to the way we do business.

Make sure the product/products we choose are in demand and solve a common problem.  Make sure the product/products are consumable so everyone orders again and again.  Make sure the company where you are getting the product/products from is a company with staying power. This is what would be ideal.

Before the Internet this form of business was and the funny thing primarily still is word of mouth advertising.  There are people who did achieve their dreams back then but they were limited to location on what they could do. Now with the Internet,  in the hands of Internet marketers this concept  should be huge.  Yes word of mouth is an important ingredient but today there are so many marketing techniques we can use to get the word out using the Internet, the world is ours.

As Internet marketers we network but we don’t network market, as Internet marketers we are affiliates but we are not independent distributors or consultants too.  As Internet marketers we help each other out but we don’t have down lines and up lines.

To do this, when you think about it all we have to do is follow the rules we already know as Internet marketers.  Nothing really changes much in the way we market.  The only thing I don’t like about network marketing companies is they still even today with the internet do not teach you how to market effectively (ever hear of a network marketing company tell you about a squeeze page?).  That’s why I strongly believe when you take the concept of network marketing and mix it in with what we know and can teach about Internet marketing you come out with a lethal makes sense, see light at the end of the tunnel opportunity to reach your dreams.  The best part is helping others to do the same as you.

For all you guys and gals who want to see how I’m mixing the concept of Internet marketing with network marketing check out my Internet network marketing squeeze page and pop in your details in the opt-in box and follow my e-mail sequence to see how and what I’m doing.  Go to and check it out, that is of course if you don’t run for the “hills”.

If you’re starting to run check out this video first.  This video sounds like Robert is talking about Internet marketing …perhaps it may give you something to think about.  Internet Network Marketing, hmmm…….

Please help me share all this, spread the word about by tweeting this, facebooking this, sharing this on all your social media sites.  Also let me/us know what is going on in your head about my post and the video by commenting below.   Perhaps we can can all learn a thing or two…or three, even four, five?? :)

Terry Conti

Your Own Custom Opt-in Box and Aweber

Hi everyone, it’s been a while.  I hope life finds everyone OK.  I’ve been keeping busy and want to show every one how I hooked up a custom opt-in box with Aweber but first I want to say I’ve been doing my best to stay in touch and be around.  I want to thank all those who have asked about me and are concerned.  It really means a lot to me.  I also want to thank all of you guys and gals who poke me on Facebook that also means a lot.  All this makes me feel like I haven’t been forgotten.  All you guys/gals are great.  As some of you know my dad passed away some time back and I’m still dealing with the loss.  I will always deal with the loss.  When someone you love is gone its not about trying to get over it.  It’s about learning how to deal with it so you can move on.  As I’ve been doing my best to stay around, it’s very hard and sad to read about others losing loved ones.  I extend my condolences to you all.

I’ve been working on this important health project because it only stands to reason that everyone should know about it.  I believe once you know what this powerful health information is you will feel compelled to help others as well.  Unlike the traditional ways of  marketing (yes I’m telling you up front) there is something for sale but if you don’t buy at least you get an important biology lesson and even an important marketing lesson.  The free report and valuable info e-mails I offer to all are a perfect example of educational marketing.  I’m not going to twist your arm to buy that much, just break it off :) seriously, what you do with the knowledge that you receive is up to you.  I want to educate you and present the health evidence/credentials from governing bodies.  Governing bodies? Something many don’t do because they can’t.  Yes there are clinical trails, but I’m not talking about that.  All I’m going to say is that pharmaceuticals are treated this way.  This is truly sound, makes a whole lot of sense health info and everyone should know about it.  This is all completely safe (no side effects), if you’re wondering.  If your immune system is strong, it can fight off or help deal with a lot of aliments.  There is so much I’m not telling you about so pop in your name and email address up top on the home page of this blog and find out what this enlightening, powerful health information is all about.

As a marketer I want to use my Internet marketing skills to bring this enlightening, powerful health information online so others can benefit.  I want to be clear this is still an Internet marketing blog, although I will be writing about important quality health issues from time to time.  As always, I’ll be letting you in on marketing issues so you can learn and do the same.

While working on this health project, I had bought this graphics package.  Within this package, I am using one of the opt-in boxes I fixed it up with Dreamweaver and Photo shop,  you can see the finished opt-in box on top of the home page of this blog.  Hooking it up with Aweber so Aweber can start my email sequence was easy.  The finding out about how do do it was hard.  Like everything else once you know how to do something it’s not so bad.  I didn’t want to use any of the opt-in boxes Aweber gives you.  A custom opt-in box looks so much more professional.  I want to share this video I made so if  you have a custom opt-in box you got from a designer, graphics package or even created yourself and want to hook it up with aweber, you won’t go crazy like I did.  I hope the video below helps you, saves you time and headaches.  I would suggest using the wide screen button on the bottom right of the video to get the best understanding.

I hope you got something out of this post and video, please do let us know by leaving your comments.  If you have a Twitter or Facebook account don’t forget to easily tweet and/or like.  Facebook me, Stumble me, social media me.  Please share using the buttons above or below if you found value here, thank you.

Terry Conti



Internet Marketing- The Learning Never Stops

Hi everyone,

When first learning about Internet Marketing you must get a good sense of what it is you are going to do.  You must have the right ingredients within you to never give up.  You must create a plan by writing it down all in front of you and most important, you must take action or else nothing will happen.

My last blog post was about Action- the master gear that makes everything happen.  Taking off from there nothing happens with out taking action.  There must come a time when the learning stops and the doing begins.  Well actually the learning never stops, it’s just now you are learning as you are doing.

Learn the essentials and move on.  Don’t make the same mistakes many have made.  Avoid getting stuck and staying there.  Do something about it!  Learn about Internet Marketing and move on as quickly as possible.

As you run into obstacles getting over them is learning.  As you move forward and learn more, make sure you keep notes on what you did because often there will come a time when you must get over the same obstacle and you have forgotten what you did previously and it will be like starting all over.  Keep good references!  Just be aware of this.  Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

As you’re doing and taking action, you must know the Internet Marketing scene always evolves, that’s why always staying in touch with what is going on is important.  For example: Recently, there was a lot of talk about Facebook. Then creating Facebook like pages easy, was the next big thing.  All this is the new wave of Internet Marketing.  Twitter is another wave Internet Marketers should know about.  You can read a blog post I wrote about Twitter here.

The point is you as a marketer should always be made aware of what’s going on out there in the Internet Marketing world.  Stay on top of all changes as they come out.  There will always be something, so you must stay on top of it all if you want to market effectively and be in the know and work at your highest potential.  You must be in the know otherwise the competition will crush you.

One of the best ways to stay in touch with what’s going on with the Internet Marketing scene is to constantly blog hop.  You’ll be amazed on how much you can learn, interject, build relationships and stay on top of what’s going on.  Get involved and you’ll see what I mean. Create your own blog and join the fun. Welcome to the 21st century.  You can read a good blog post about blog hopping from one of my good friends Barry Wells-  Click and learn

If you are just starting out and want to know about Internet Marketing there are a few solid products I can recommend that are of high value that I have used myself.

Your Own eBook Business I highly recommend it because not only will you learn about selling information on eBay, you will also get your own eBook website, just like mine here at Click the link and learn how to set it up once you make a purchase.  You can change the look of this website so it doesn’t have to look exactly the same.  Also I want you to know there is a lot more value, than what I am explaining here so click away and check it all out.

Another great resource is Jim Cockrum’s Silent Sales Machine.  Jim explains how you can turn eBay into an automatic cash machine.  Also he shows that the opportunities to earn are all over the Internet.  Click here for more info.

One thing I also want you to know is there are a lot and I mean a lot of Ads that will peak your interest, that’s what they’re meant to do, avoid getting bombarded, purchase only what you know you will need.  I also want to tell you don’t make your email box attack you with tons of emails.

Listen to what I’m saying here because all of this will only lead to information overload.  Keep your inbox clean and only buy what you need so your brain doesn’t explode because of too much information.  Stick with a few quality products, stay focused and start moving forward.  Again I can’t stress enough there must come a time when you must take action and learn as you go.  The learning never stops.

Terry Conti

Action- The Master Gear that makes Everything Happen

Hi all!

Without action nothing happens.  You can have all the knowledge in the world, if you don’t put it to use NOTHING HAPPENS.

First, I want to say thanks to all those who have taken the action of commenting, tweeting, facebooking, social bookmarking my posts.  Thanks for spreading the good word so everyone can get insight here. When I say insight, I mean we all (me included) learn something.  Some of your comments has made me look at things from different angles.   Your good comments mean a lot to me and others.  Helping each other is priceless.  Helping each other is what this blog is all about.

Taking off from my last post you need to create a direction on what it is you want.  Make a plan by writing down the necessary steps.  There are many micro, small, medium and large steps (goals) you must set up for yourself to achieve your ultimate goal. Life has it’s ways of changing things around so sometimes you must change things around.  The main thing is that you have a direction and TAKE ACTION.

Out of all the gears that you need to reach your goals action is the master gear.   Once you have established a direction through a plan, it’s action time!  You must organize all in your life where you set aside time for action for your Internet Marketing business.  It may not be an easy thing to do for some however it must be incorporated into your life.  It all ties in with the fuel to reach your goals which is the passion you have within.

Like anything else in life.  The beginning steps are the hardest.  The more you get going the more things fall into place.  You’ve got to have that fuel.  That fuel is passion.  Sometimes your actions will get a lot done, sometimes your actions will get something small done, even nothing done.

I keep saying it but life is a funny thing.  Everyone has a bad day.  Everyone has a good day.  Always do the best you can and enjoy your days.  The more you do in time the better it gets.

A Fellow blogger Dawn Kay who has a quality resourceful blog of her own is giving away Internet Marketing checklists and planners. That’s right free Internet Marketing checklists and planners on her blog to help you take action along your way. are a tremendous help so go over to her blog to get yours.

When it comes to Internet Marketing and you’re looking for a good place to start I would suggest taking action and get John Thornhill’s Your Own eBook Business I highly recommend it because not only will you learn about selling information on eBay, you will also get your own eBook website, just like mine here at Click the link above and learn how to set it up.

You will be able to personalize it your own way so it won’t look exactly the same.  You’ll also get to become an affiliate of an audio book marketing website.  You will also  get a good education about eBook marketing, plus so much more.

Oh I almost forgot about the limited bonus.  Resell Rights Blue Print that John is selling on the web for $97.00 you can check it out by clicking on the link but don’t get it through that page get it as a bonus free by getting John’s Your Own eBook Business.  Read the two sales pages to get more info on the subject.  I can tell you this doesn’t compare with anything else out there, the price is fantastic considering the value you’re getting.

So what ever it is that you are planning to do, taking action is the key to it all.  Take action everyday and along with all the ups and downs that life gives us do your very best and enjoy each day.  Know that the fun starts when you start to take action to arrive at your destination.

As always I hope you got something out of this post.  If you have a Twitter or Facebook  account don’t forget to easily tweet and/or like.  Facebook me, Stumble me, please share using the buttons above or below if you found value here, thank you.

Also please leave a comment below.  We’d all  like to know what you think or like to add.

Terry Conti

Setting Direction For Your Goals

My last blog post was about the fuel to reach your goals.  I talked about passion, mindset, work in order to reach your goals.  With that said, having all those ingredients will not get you anywhere if you don’t create a structured direction in order to move forward to arrive at your destination.

We as humans have one gift that is taken for granted by most.  We all have the capacity to create.  What do I mean?  I mean we can take nothing and make it something.

We are talented enough to erect buildings, build bridges, build things to suit our needs.  We build things like cars, planes, trains, motorcycles, bicycles  to get us around.  We write books of all sorts to spread information and open the imagination.  We set up businesses and achieve greatness.

Nothing would ever get done if it were not for the setting of Goals and creating a structured plan

Whether we know it or not we all create.  We can create good or we can create bad.  It’s all up to you.  We create a wish, set a plan and achieve what we want, right down to the smallest of things to the most complex.

We all have goals to achieve everyday! Writing this blog post is a small goal achieved.   Getting up in the morning and doing what needs to be done for the day is achieving goals.  If you go about doing what needs to be done in an unorganized way you probably won’t achieve all the goals you set and it will be much harder on yourself to get things done.  We need to create direction.

Planning is Key

Planning is key for everyday living.   Planning and setting small realistic goals is what we do everyday.  Writing things down is very important. Take a grocery list for example.  Say you didn’t write down all the things you need for your family and you find yourself in the supermarket without a list.  How effective would you be in getting all you need right off the top of your head?

This line of thought carries through to setting big goals.  What do you want out of life?  You’ve got to sit down and put the plan all on paper in front of you so you can see it and follow it.  Think and ask yourself what are you going to do?  Isn’t it just too much to keep it all in side your head all at once?

You need something you can visualize,  hold on to and follow.  Following your plan to reach your goals will not be clear cut at certain points.  You might come across road blocks so this is where my last post comes in.  You’ve got to have passion the right mindset and be willing to work.

There are many streets and avenues in your plan.  You’ve got to make order out of it all by writing it all down.   Once written it becomes so much easier to reach your goal.  Just like the grocery list.  A bit more complex but just as effective.

Make realistic short term goals in order to achieve your long term goal.  Keep everything reasonable and real.  A plan such as this must have every detail and have timelines.  Timelines will help in your momentum and make you accountable.

You’ve got to know everything isn’t set in stone.  There will be times that you might have to change some parts of your plan.  The point is that you have a structured foundation to work form.

You must know the night before what it is  you are going to do tomorrow.  It’s all about setting small term goals in order to reach the long term goal.

Again I say, trying to keep it all in your head is just too much.  You have got to write it down in order to create the life you want.  Create direction and you’ll be laying down the tracks leading to your goal.

Have passion, the right mindset, work, create the right direction and enjoy each day.

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Terry Conti


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The Fuel to Reach your Goals

Hi everyone,

The fuel needed to reach your goals comes from within. One ingredient of this fuel is called passion.  Passion is a strong feeling along with a great mindset.  No matter what obstacles come my way, no matter how hard they may feel, it’s not going to stop me from obtaining my goals.  Even if I feel like giving up (we all feel this way at times) deep down inside I know I’m not going to give up.

This passion is the feeling of how bad I want it (reach your goals).  Mindset is to never have that feeling diminish or go away because of it’s too hard.  If you have a burning desire in you to achieve something you want, you must have the proper mindset of always figuring  out ways around or through obstacles.  Passion and mindset work hand in hand.

You must master the art of positive thinking (mindset)  and not to approach any problem that comes your way negatively.  If you get a big fat negative in your face learn from it so the next time around you’ll be more experienced.

I believe you can be passionate about something you desire but without the proper mindset your passion risks slowly dissolving away.  I say this because life is not perfect and things will come your way that will wear and tear down your passion therefore you need the right mindset for a good outlook.

Just like when two people meet.  In the beginning there is a lot of passion, everything is great.  Life is beautiful.  You even think about getting married!  Then as time goes by, the passion you both had will not be the same if you don’t Work at staying together by having the proper mindset.   Yes work!

There’s that word!  WORK!  Same goes for anything you set your mind to.  You must work to get what you want.  If you want it bad enough you will find a way to get around/through anything that gets in your way by working on it.  So when you are burning with passion make sure you incorporate the right mindset and know there will be work to do, full circle.

With the proper mind set work should not be a chore as long as there is passion around.   Even if  work feels like a chore at times with the right mind set and passion you will get through it.  Once done it only makes your passion and mindset stronger.

Never losing track of your destination (Goals) makes all this work.

Goals- Passion- Mindset- Work- Inject these into your being as fuel and you’ll run forever.

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Also please leave a comment below.  We’d all  like to know what you think or like to add.  Helping each other is what this blog is all about.

Terry Conti


I am a student of the John Thornhill Masterclass program.  If it weren’t for this serious 36 week easy to understand Internet marketing course what I know about Internet Marketing, what I do, this blog would not be possible.  If you are interested in The John Thornhill Masterclass Program- leave your name and e-mail address  in the optin-box above or above on the home page of this blog.  Get this controversial free report Why you’ll Never Succeed Online.

You will get all the information you will need to make a wise decision enrolling in this very informative results driven home study action course.


Get Free Traffic using Twitter

Free traffic Twitter

Good for business?  What do you think?

Some marketers hate twitter, but they still use it because it works in bringing in traffic.

When Twitter first came out I felt it was unessential for my business.  How could it bring in free traffic to my website?  Most marketers still feel this way.   Could it be because of not understanding and not having the correct information?

When trying to find out about all this, I’ve realized everyone has their own views.  Some say automation is not good, some say it is.  Some say an automated direct message is great, some say it’s not.

I guess it all depends on what will work for you.  I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no right way or wrong way but you sure have to have some knowledge to know how to work Twter to cut through all the twter confusion and make your own decisions.

Get a pen and jot down key important points here so the next time you’re on Twter you can have a good understanding about what to do.

(I want to get my message across but don’t need to be penelized for keyword spam so for the purpose of this blog post Twitter will be spelled Twter :lol:)

If the reason you’re not into Twter is because you think, who cares what I had for lunch today.  Well you’d better think again because Twter is big and growing every day and you don’t really have to let people know what you had for lunch.

Instead,  just like in email marketing provide value.  I’ve been doing some homework on the subject and want to share my findings and I’d like it very much to know what you think about Twter.  Add something by commenting so we can all learn something new.

Whether you like Twter or not it’s everywhere!  On the news, in advertisements on and offline.  Businesses and major corporations are jumping aboard this band wagon and so should you!

I can understand why Twter can turn a lot of people off.  Using it can be very frustrating because it seems all you see is an endless sea of fluff.

If you provide great content on Twter you will stand out because there is a lot of mambo jumbo on there.

Weeding out the good stuff and providing good stuff  is the key for making Twter work for you.

Look at Twter from the standpoint of getting quantity over quality because it can grow to be a very crowded confusing place, bottom line Twter works.

If you are going to use Twter for quality people it’s just going to grow to the point where it’s going to be difficult to keep up with each individual person.  Yes get quaility people but when you grow it’s going to get out of control.  Select as many quality people as you can and keep tabs on them.  Make a list if you wish.

On the other hand, looking out for and giving out quality is very important.  The larger the number of  followers you have the bigger your network.  The bigger your network of followers the better everyone is likely to see your tweets.

As a marketer I’m sure you’re hearing about Twter a lot these days.  Are you utilizing your traffic streams to full potential?  If you don’t do something about it, you will most definitely be missing out on free traffic, meeting new people, building your list and making sales.

Here’s a good way to look at Twter so you’ll be able cut through what seems to be like a crowded mall during Christmas time.

What is Twter?  It  is a microbloging site meaning people can read and send other people updates (tweets) up to a 140 words.  So how many times did you go to the bathroom today?  That’s what I first thought when I first heard about Twter.

There are many ways you can use Twter depending on your needs.  People sign up for it for many different reasons.   It can be used to stay connected with family, friends from all over the world.  School mates,  work mates, groups etc..

It can also be used for business and to stay updated with professionals or it can be used to get huge exposure.  Provide value and people will get to know who you are.

Same rule that applies for list building applies for Twter.  Don’t sell all the time.  Outright selling should be kept to a minimum it will turn people off.  It will also turn Twter off.  You can get your account suspended if done too much, especially if you are sending out direct messages to everyone about your product (spaming).

There is a right way and a wrong way to do it.  If you do it the right way you will get lots of followers.  As for us marketers we should open an account based on our niche.

In fact we should open several accounts based on variations of the same niche or if you have other niches it’s a good idea.  The point here is Twter has limits on how many people you can follow. 

You can only follow 10% of the people following you.   For example: If you have 2000 followers you can only have 2200 people following you. Having other accounts you can get more people following you thus more followers over all and still keep your Twter limits sound or the way you want them to be.  It stands to reason for the most part when you follow someone they will follow you back.

Every one is different and I try to keep the people I’m following lower than the people that are following me (my followers).  That way I’m not only safe with the limits but it also shows you have more followers.  I think it’s a good thing for people coming to my Twitter account to see.

I see a lot of good marketers that have more followers than people following.  I believe I’ll get more interaction and free traffic to my blog when people see that I have more followers than people I follow.  If you know of another reason for this, lets all find out by leaving your comment below.

So to keep an eye on your limits.   It’s a good idea to unfollow people from time to time.  Note that Twitter does not like that you unfollow a whole bunch of people and then right afterwards you follow a whole bunch of people.  That’s not how to do it.

When you are reaching a high following mark (you can have your own custom limits, just make sure you know Twter’s) it time to unfollow some people.  It could be every two weeks, every week or even every 4 days.  It all depends on the rate your following and the way your follower numbers are going, don’t unfollow everyday though.  If you have a busy account wait a least 3 days before you unfollow.

Twter is all about establishing yourself as a valuable resource through the content you provide.  Then if you have something you want to recommend, people will listen.  Think about Twter as sharing  information about your niche and you will build very good relationships.

One way to gain respect on Twter is to re-tweet.  Meaning if you see a good tweet you like, you can share it with your followers by re-tweeting.  Also the person who originally tweeted should thank you and start re-tweeting your tweets, it’s one of the great ways to build relationships.  Do this everyday.  Go down the timeline and when you spot a good valuable tweet, re-tweet it.  Don’t re-tweet junk.

So if you are providing good content people will re-tweet your tweets as well.  The more re-tweets the better it is for everyone so you should always be on the look out for good tweets to re-tweet.

Giving a link to your squeeze page in your valuable tweet can truly build your list to provide more valuable content and make sales because if someone re-tweets (shown by a RT in the tweet) your tweet and someone else re-tweets and so on depending on the amount of followers they have your tweet can be exposed to thousands upon thousands of people.

There is nothing wrong with linking to a sales page in your tweet from time to time but I think people are more likely to give you their e-mail address for more information though.  Once you have that e-mail address you can sell at the proper time through your auto-responder.

As with any social media DO NOT PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS first.  Think of Twter as a whole bunch of people at a party.  You wouldn’t just go up to someone at a party and start pitching your business right off.  Talk about anything, get to know each other.   Have people get to know you.

Don’t have the attitude that it’s all about you.  Don’t constantly send tweets to your stuff online.  Send out popular content from good sources.  Some places where you can find popular tested content online are: – find popular content  from various social media. –  Here you can target your niche and use popular content.  Just do a search and use the most dugg button to get the best diggs.  You can find the button using the best match tab. –  This is really cool.  This site is like a magazine rack you can customize to your needs.  This site updates the most popular topics every 24 hours.

When it comes to promoting your own stuff on Twter do more interacting (value tweets, tweeting about other peoples good content) than pitching out your own stuff.

Everyone’s got different views and there is no exact number but to keep things efficient  I would say for about every six valuable tweets you offer from other good content, provide one or 2 tweets to your content.  Don’t forget Twter is a form of social media, not advertising space.

When on Twter make sure you are following active people.  Look at when their last tweet was.  You don’t want to be following people who are inactive, it’s just a waste, so keep note.

A good thought being you only have 140 words to use in a tweet is to make your tweets like attention grabbing headlines in a newspaper.

If using a Twter management system– make your tweets stand out by tweeting in blocks of 3 or 4.  Make the first 3 tweets good content from various interesting sources and make the last tweet link to your squeeze page or where ever you want in order to monetize.  It will show up first in block being that you entered it last.

Tweet your past blog posts titles, don’t forget to shorten the url by using just type in into your address bar.  Don’t use dot com or anything else just

Tweet some of the key content in your past blog posts.  Don’t forget to shorten the url by using

Make sure you make a good amount of tweets with no links in them.  (Twter is watching)

Drilling the thought-  When do you think is the best time to tweet?

Use a great Twter/ social media management system where you can automate a lot of Twter chores and schedule your tweets so they post in blocks + so much more.

15 is the maxium number of characters you can have in your user name

250 is the number of direct messages you can have in a day.

1000 is the maximum number of tweets you are allowed to make in one day.

RT means re-tweet

@ means AT-  When you want to reply to someones tweet use the @ sign

DM means direct message

It’s best to use the symbols at the end of your tweet so you can read the message first.  For example:    Hey I really liked that @ twter username OR Want to know when the best time of day is to tweet?  [the link] RT

Oh…and once you set up your Twter account don’t forget to share the knowledge in this post.  Tweet this post by clicking on the Twitter box on the right hand side at the beginning of this post.

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As with all my posts I hope you got something out of it.

So what do you think about Twter and getting some free traffic to your blog, squeeze pages, etc.  Share your views by leaving a comment.

Got any more suggestions or valuable  information/tips about Twitter we can all learn?   Let us all know below.

Until next time,

Terry Conti